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Drama As Angry NPP Candidate Takes Back All Campaign Logistics From Party Members Two Months after Defeat -[PHOTO]

The Parliamentary Candidate for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Bolgatanga East Constituency Emmanuel Abugre Abole is reported to have recalled logistics used for the 2020 election campaign in the constituency.

According to reports from the local media, it’s not clear what instigated the recall of the logistics from party members who worked as part of the NPP’s campaign in the constituency for the electioneering campaign.

Reports indicates that the Parliamentary Candidate was advised against such a move but ignored the advise and recalled all the logistics given out for the campaign.

One party member was shocked about the fact that he went to a family of a member who died as a result of jubilation after the presidential election results were declared for the New Patriotic Party to demand a motor that was given to him.

Another recipient according to reports was arrested for refusing to return a motor given to him by the Parliamentary candidate.

Reports say the action by Emmanuel Abugre Abole would have cost the NPP in Bolgatanga East Constituency but for the swift intervention of Filson Awankua who is said to have replaced the motor taken from the party member who died as a result of jubilating over the elections’ family.

A party member who spoke to the issue, George Adongo said , “I want to use this medium to thank Hon Filson Awakua for his timely intervention yesterday to save the image of party at Bolga East. The motorcycle above was donated by Filson to the late Nsoh Nboota wife. The late Nsoh Nboota was a serious party member and a party security during the 2020 election and was given a motor bike for party activities, he lost his life after the president was declared winner of the 2020, he met his untimely death through an accident as he was jubilant of the victory. The party’s candidate for the 2020 election and the current DCE for Bolga East has gone round to retrieve motorcycles including the motor the man left for the wife.

He added “Once again, on behalf of the regional commander of the party security and on behalf of party, l want to thank patriot Filson Awakua for this swift intervention.May the good lord replenish all you have spent and fulfill all your heart desires”.




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