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Embarrassing Moment Female Celebrity’s Implant B0rt0s Deflate While T.w3rking Live On Instagram

Things did not go well with a female musician who tried to attract public attention on social media as she dances with her backside, NEWSCLICKGH gathers.

Our portal established that in an attempt to do that, she ended embarrassing herself.

In more detail, American R&B singer, K. Michelle has been left totally embarrassed while tw.3rking on Instagram live. It was gathered that the singer’s butt implant deflated while twerking on Instagram Live.

During her live session, the former Love & Hip Hop reality star was seen dancing to Cardi B’s “Up,” and attempting to hold her ‘sunken butt’ in place.

As she made an attempt to start twerking, her entire butt dropped to an unnaturally low level. On noticing the mishap, she immediately moved awkwardly and tried holding her butt up with her hand.

In the past, K. Michelle was vocal about the health issues she experienced after her butt implants. She also documented the removal of her implants and the struggles after the procedure.


Watch the video below.




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