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NEW: More districts to be added to the existing districts to speed up online Loan applications-GNAT

NEW: 26 more districts to be added to the existing districts to speed up online Loan applications-GNAT

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has revealed its plans to extend its online loan application to twenty-six (26) more districts.

In a national Executive meeting held on the 6th of March,2021, one major outcome was to add twenty-Six (26) districts to the existing 24 pilot districts for the implementation of the online Loan applications, through the Teachers Fund’s Customer Relations Manual (CRM). This will help curb the delay in loan applications of its members and non-members.

However, in relations to the proposal to increase the GNAT cancer fund dues from GH2.00 to GH5.00 per-month, they indicated that discussions on subject will officially be referred to the Regional Executives for subsequent referral to the District Executives for decisions to be taken on it at the various Conferences.

However, Issues on Pensions (Tier-I and Tier-2) being resolved by the Forum and indicated that the GNAT Provident Fund (Tier-3) now operational and has urged members to enroll onto it. More education will be carried out on the Fund as the restructuring of CML and TF Properties on-going.

In other news, it was revealed that:

  1. Qualified Teachers who did not get index numbers for the last promotion aptitude test will be given the opportunity to write the test.
  2. The Teacher Unions are in discussions with GES to resolve some of the challenges associated with the writing of the aptitude test.
  3. The Labour Unions are in discussions with the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations to conclude the negotiations for Base Pay and Minimum Wage for 2021.
  4. Payment of outstanding Legacy Arrears being pursued by the Unions.
  5. 12,000 Newly Trained Teachers to be put on the payroll by the Controller and Accountant General
  6. Responsibility allowance to be restored for the qualified staff of the GES in June 2021
  7. Upgrading of Teachers from the lower ranks up to Principal Superintendent has delayed due to delay in securing Financial Clearance from the Ministry of Finance.
  8. Laptops for the staff of GES – Management of GES to come out with the modalities for the distribution and the cost-sharing payment schedule



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