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SAD: (VIDEO) Students Of Teong Sit On The Bare Floor And Uses The Soil As Their Books And Stones As Pens- Upper East

About more than hundred 100 students in the Teong Primary school, both kindergarten and primary in the Tempane District in the Upper East Region do not have a classroom and desks to sit on not to talk about the books to use and as a result, they sit on the bear ground to learn.

The worst situational report from the school also indicates that the pupils sit on the floor and uses the floor as their writing books due to lack of writing materials for the pupils to write on.

These learners spread out the soil to have a fine surface and then with a piece of stone they write their alphabets.

As a matter of fact, sees this situation as a dehumanizing to say the least for children to be subjected to this form of Education which is constitutionally against the global agenda of sustainable developmental goals in education which seeks to ensure that inclusive and equal quality of education for all by 2030.

In an interview with the K.G two madam, she voiced out bitterly that the situation has been like that for many years and is really having a negative impact on the children performance.

Even though the madam insisted that it is encouraging because the learners were picking up gradually. sees it to be very bad to the highest apogee.

” I humbly appeal to the Government to come into the situation to make things better than it is now” she added.

Some teachers also said they feel like resigning from the job due to the challenges they are facing whiles some also said they have already written transfer letters to the office.


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