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Six Soldiers Murdered at Offinso in the Ashanti Region By Chainsaw Operators

Yet to confirm report culled from Opera News indicates that the said incident happened in Offinso in the Ashanti Region.

Following the current state of the nation, it looks each person wants to take the right in their hands and do what they prefer, which is not the rightful way.

Ghana has a lot of forest reserves for future purposes but people have decided to go inside and do what against the law.

According to the report on Adom FM, the Chainsaw operator has been given a tough time to the forestry officers. Due to that, they have called for reinforcement to fight against the Chainsaw operators cutting down the trees in the forest.

According to the Officer who spoke with Adom FM revealed the soldiers were four but due to the current situation they brought two in addition to support the operation against the chainsaw operators.

Some of the operators have been arrested. They traced some of the operators who were working in the forest which resulted in a fight between the soldiers and the operators.

Four of the soldiers were injured through the fight and the operators flew away.

The case is with the police for further investigation. But our portal shall follow this keenly to bring you the update.

Source: Opera News


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