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Tsatsu Tsikata Reveals The Only Way To Become A Good Lawyer

To be a good lawyer “requires referring to a lot of materials […] lawyers try to uncover the materials and make it available for the judges because, without that, the judges will also be handicapped,” Tsatsu Tsikata has said.

The legal luminary explained to KSM on the ‘KSM Show’ on Friday that because the law demands that lawyers constantly research their cases and point out legal arguments that will be relevant to their case.

He continued: “For me, if you want to be a good lawyer, you only have to be an ongoing student of the law. You have to remain a constant student.”

Tsatsu Tsikata is of the opinion that when a lawyer is a constant student of the law, “even as judges I’m sure they themselves recognise the value in constantly refreshing the knowledge and then understanding of the law”.

He stated that whenever he appears before judges, he goes “before them seeking to bring to bear in the case that I have, whatever material I believe can be helpful for their appreciation [of] the legal issues at stake.”

Tsatsu Tsikata added that whenever he is advocating for his clients he makes sure that he does it in a way that the judges will appreciate that whatever he is saying is “backed by the law and it is not from his imagination”.


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